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London Taxi Tour.

Offering tours in London taxis for those that want a memorable experience.

If you don't see the tour you want or you have a special request then please email and we will help you to arrange your trip

Royal London Taxi Tour


Frequently Asked Questions
At LondonTaxiTour.Com, we get asked lots of questions. Of course, we try to answer as many as we can. below are some of the more frequently asked questions


London Taxi Tour FAQ

Are your taxis air conditioned?
. The passengers have there own dedicated air conditioning.

Is the charge per person?
No, the charge is per taxi. Each taxi can carry up to 6 people.

Do we have to book in advance?
        Although you do not need to book in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will have
        availability for late requests.

Can we pay on the day?
It is not our normal practise to accept cash bookings, as we find that this can cause problems. Also a
          booking is only secured by some form of payment.

 Do you pick up from our hotel/apartment? 
We pick up from central London locations. We will also pick up from all over London but this will
        be at an additional charge. Other companies will just give you a shorter tour.

 Is the tip/gratuity included? 
No. Tips are voluntary and are normally given in cash to the driver, but some do ask to add it,
        as an online payment.

 What type of vehicles do you use?  
       We use the Vito Mercedes London taxi, which can carry up to 6 people
 or 4 people and 1 in a 

Can you take 7,8,9,10......people? 
We can take up to 6 per taxi. Jobs involving groups of people travelling in a convoy of taxis
        are something we offer and have a lot of experience in.

Are all your taxis black?       

Do your drivers speak English?

Do you take wheelchairs?
Yes. But we do need the measurements, especially for the electric ones.

 Are all your drivers qualified guides
Depends on the job. For transfers, it is not necessary, but where guideing is involved, yes.

We are a party of 4 with 10 cases. We will fit in one of your taxis? 
Probably not. 

Can we pay by credit card.

 Can we pay cash on the day of the tour to the driver.
Not for airport pick-ups. Also we only guarantee a booking when it is paid