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About Our Harry Potter Tour
We pick you up from your central London hotel or apartment and deliver you back at the end of your tour. All taxis are air conditioned in the summer and are mainly the new Mercedes London taxi. All taxis wheelchair accessible.

Magical London Taxi Tour.

3 Hours Harry Potter London  Sight Tour

A 3 hour Harry Potter London taxi tour, will allow you to enjoy many of the locations associated with the filming of London scenes for Harry Potter.

As well as allowing you to see Harry Potter film locations, with this London taxi tour, you also get to some great iconic sights and a quick overview of central London along the riverside.

Not only do we stop at all the locations we list, but we also get out so you are able to get good pictures along with explanations from a guide who, in most cases, was actually there when they were filming. This allows for a more informed understanding of what went on and how the harry Potter films were put together


 Highlights of the tour.
 Bridge used by the Knight Bus
 Bridge destroyed by Death Eaters
 River scenes from Order Of  The Phoenix
 Gringots Bank (outside only)
 Kings Cross Station for Platform 9
 2 locations used for the Leaky Cauldron

Not only do you have a qualified guide, but you will be the capable hands of one of 2 guides that are allowed to do these tours. Your guide is not only aware of where the Harry Potter film locations are, but will have seen them filming on several occasions, as well as at the studios during the making of the Harry Potter films.
The full list of locations that we visit on your Harry Potter tour includes the street used in the lead-up scenes to Diagon Alley (including the outside of the Leaky Cauldron pub), Gringotts Bank (outside only), the area where Harry and Ron stole the flying car, Platform 9¾, the bridge used in the Knight Bus scene, the Leaky Cauldron where Harry is dropped off by the Knight Bus, river scenes when they flew up the river on broom sticks, to Grimmauld Place, Grimmauld Place, different sights used for filming Ministry of Magic, the Bridge which where destroyed by the Death Eater's, Death Eater flying scenes.

3 Hours Harry Potter London Tour

Prices include your London taxi and driver/guide, expenses and local taxes.

But not lunch or entrance fees if applicable. Gratuities are at your discretion.