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About Our Harry Potter Tour
We pick you up from your central London hotel or apartment and deliver you back at the end of your tour. All taxis are air conditioned in the summer and are mainly the new Mercedes London taxi. All taxis wheelchair accessible.

Magical London Taxi Tour.

Harry Potter ~ London + Oxford  Tour @ £490

Harry Potter Oxford PicturesThis tour tends to be favoured by people who are looking to see Oxford on the back of a Harry Potter theme, or are just short of time.
We will take you to the Harry Potter film locations within Oxford, as well as explaining the history behind this world famous university. You will also stop for lunch within Oxford and your tour guide will offer a couple of suggestions on where to eat depending on your preferences.
As well as Oxford, we shall visit the London Harry Potter film locations.
So, when we arrive in Oxford, we climb the stairs to the entrance of the Great Hall, where Mrs. McGonagall met Harry Potter for the first time, as well as taking in one of Oxford’s prestigious colleges (Christchurch), before visiting Hogwart’s hospital wing and the hall where the Goblet was kept. as well as when the children practice dancing for the Yule Ball. Then, a short drive away, we enter into the corridors and gardens of Hogwart’s and stand by the tree where Mad-Eye Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret, for picking on Harry.

Harry Potter OxfordAfter lunch, its back to London, to continue with the remainder of your Harry Potter tour.

The London leg of the tour includes
the street used in the lead-up scenes to Diagon Alley (including the outside of the Leaky Cauldron pub), Gringotts Bank (outside only), the area where Harry and Ron stole the flying car, Platform 9¾, the bridge used in the Knight Bus scene, the Leaky Cauldron where Harry is dropped off by the Knight Bus, river scenes when they flew up the river on broom sticks, to Grimmauld Place, Grimmauld Place, different sights used for filming Ministry of Magic, the Bridge which where destroyed by the Death Eater's, Death Eater flying scenes.


Please note:
Harry Potter film locations that are set within Oxford University, can be subject to closure to the public with little or no notice, (maybe 3 or 4 times a year).
Although we do try to monitor this, by keeping in regular contact, with the colleges.
We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes.

Harry Potter Oxford Lacock London Tour

Prices include your London taxi and driver/guide, expenses and local taxes.

But not lunch or entrance fees if applicable. Gratuities are at your discretion.

Cost Of Visiting Sights
Oxford Christchurch £8.50 per adult ~ Family Ticket £17.00
Oxford New College £3.00 per person
Oxford Divinity School £2.00 per person