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Our Testimonials
We have been fortunate over the years to take many wonderful people on a London Taxi Tour over the past 13 years. Some of whom, wished to share their experiences with us.


Dear Gordon,

My family and I want to thank you so much for everything you did for us.  If we can ever  promote you let us know.  If you ever come to San Diego, California you are invited to stay with us.

Take care,
Rich Qualls

Dear Carol,
 just as a short feedback: we all are enthusiastic about the tour and had much fun with our driver. The tour was informative and diversified but surely too short. All of us decided to repeat this tour if we will visit London with our families!
 Thanks again, kind regards

Hi Carol
I just wanted to let you know that I just had a note from the Hardy couple and they had a great time in London and with Gordon on their day trip to Bath.  Thank you very much for your help and we will be in touch again soon as bookings are starting to be proposed on now for future trips.
 Best regards, Janine

I had to email you to let you know what a wonderful time we had with Gordon on the London Taxi Tour.
He was fabulous and the places he took us were great.
I will certainly recommend the London Taxi Tour to others and tell them to ask for Gordon.
Nancy M. Hilfer

Dear Carol

A short line to thank LondonTaxiTour.Com for a fabulous day on Sunday.  As you know it was a bespoke trip down memory lane for my elderly  uncle, and Gordon certainly ensured that this was achieved.   Excellent driving, wonderful dialogue, we couldn’t have asked for anything better, it was over and above what we expected.

Thank you again so much.

With best wishes & kind regards

Frances (Burrows)

Hi Carol,
 I again just wanted to thank you again for all of your help arranging our tours. Gordon was wonderful as usual and so patient with us a Hope needed extra help now that she has to use a cane.
 I've already given the London Taxi Tour information to a friend who is thinking of planning a trip with her family to the studios. And when anyone else asks, I will definitely recommend your service above all others!
 Take care!
 Willene Wadkins
Dear Carol
I wanted to let you know that we LOVED our tour of London, and Gordon was great. He showed us a lot of the sites that were of personal interest. He was very engaging and very knowledgeable. We will definitely recommend your service to anyone. Thank you for providing such great service.
Scott and Michele Brown
Dear Carol,
Your husband Gordon is wonderful!!! We enjoyed are tours and his British hospitality!!!! The girls love seeing all the Harry potter sites and learning about London!! I look forward to sharing our stories with friends back home and recommending Londontaxitour Thank you so much Carol and Gordon. This has been the best Mother daughter trip ever!!!!Best wishes .
Victoria, Evelyn, Stephanie and Georgina
P.S. Early English Gothic ceilings are beautiful.
~Victoria, Evelyn, Stephanie and Georgina
Hi, Carol,
Just to let Gordon know my family just arrived back from Hong Kong last week so I just had to grab a bit of free time to inform you that my family indeed enjoyed very much with Gordon. Will write more on our testimonials when I had fully settled down with all my washings, etc done in view it's been a month long holiday.
My girls sent my best regards & wishes to Gordon.
Thanks Carol & Gordon for the enjoyable guidance for all the 3 trips.
By the way, do you have facebook so we can enjoy more when the girls uploaded their photos.
Lillian Chan and Family
 I hope you will pass along this message to Gordon: We enjoyed our tour with Gordon so much on September 8, 2012. Gordon was funny and easy-going and so entertaining! We were very tired having just arrived in London at 7 that morning, and he was very understanding. He loaded us up with information and we have already watched a couple of the Harry Potter movies again to see the sites that we visited. Gordon showed us far more than we even expected on this tour—I was so thrilled to see what he calls the “best bit” of the Roman wall! Thank you so much Gordon, and thank you, Carol, for making the booking process so easy. Our Harry Potter tour was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!
 Thanks again,
Atlanta, GA, USA


We are now home in California.
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a WONDERFUL time Nicole and I had on the Harry Potter Tour.  Gordon was
absolutely fabulous.
We really appreciate the good care you took with us.
Thank you, again.
Marianne Lane

Hi Carol,
I hope your back is going better,
Thanks for the Gordon's photo he looks very happy also thanks for all the services Gordon provide us, we have wonderful time in the tours.
I am attaching some Gordon photos I take during the tours.
Best Regards,
Andres Alvarado
Hello Carol,
i just wanted to thank you for the perfect day we had 2 weeks ago with your very good taxi driver and guide, Gordon.
He's a lovely and very well educated person, knowing a lot about London, able to show his city from a Londoner point of view (more interesting than a traditional guide).
We'll definitely recommend your company.
Have a good day and all the best for the Olympics.
Fabrice Daboval
Dear Carol and Gordon,
Emily and I want to thank you again for such a lovely day. We really, truly, had a wonderful time from start to finish. Gordon was an absolute pleasure and the conversation was enjoyable and entertaining.
Emily would also like to thank Carol for the generous gift of the Kings Cross station sign. What a thoughtful and unique gift. She really will treasure it forever. That was very kind of you to give her one when I know you have so few - and when they are gone, they are gone forever. That was very kind and generous of you.
If you ever find yourselves in the NYC/Philadelphia area or in Florida - please give us a shout. I know my husband would love discussing all the world's issues with Gordon as would my brother (Emily's dad).
Warm Regards,
Wendy Rice-Komjáthy
Emily Rice

Hi Carol,

I hope you are well!
I have just been speaking to Amanda  about Thomas’s wish to meet with the Chelsea football team on Sunday. Amanda said they all had a fantastic time, and were actually pleased that they had not gone to the restaurant after the game as they were so tired!
Amanda also mentioned that the taxi driver was great, and very kindly took them around the sights and even stopped out side the Lamborghini garage for all the boys to dream.
Please pass on my huge thanks to Gordon as this extra special treat really did make a huge difference to Thomas’ wish.

I’m sure I’ll be speaking to you soon.

Many thanks again for all your help

Hello Carol,
This is just a quick note to say thank you for our wonderful tours.
It was great to have a guide so knowledgeable (without being a know-all) of all the areas we visited, including little interesting titbits of useless knowledge (this is said in a good way, not derogatory).
We really enjoyed our time with Gordon, it was interesting and fun (though Oliver was fading a bit, having just got over a cold the day before we flew out).
We particularly liked the way that he was able to change things at the drop of a hat, when traffic and road closures stopped us from going the route that was planned.
Well done to all involved.
Thank you,
Oliver and Louise Graham.
Starlight Children's Foundation
Star light   star bright   first star I see tonight   I wish I may   I wish I might   have the wish I wish tonight
Once upon a time there was a very brave girl named Shade. Just as a difficult few months for her was ending, her fairy godmother [Starlight Children’s Foundation] appeared in the hospital corridor.
“You can have three wishes,” she said, “and I will make one of them come true.”
Shade thought for a long time, then closed her eyes and wished...
 A few months later, the day before she turned 13, at the hour when daylight begins to fade and Christmas lights begin to shine, a beautiful princess descended the staircase of her home.
 Just then, a shiny black London taxi pulled up outside. Shade and her family got in and were taken an interesting route from their home in the East End to the West End.
Gordon, their witty and erudite chauffeur, told and showed them quirky and funny things about the city and its history – they particularly enjoyed getting out of the car to see a remnant of the ancient Roman city wall in which pigeons were roosting.
Gordon then drove them over the bridges spanning the River Thames and showed them his favourite long view of the gothic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. He then drove them through the narrow West End streets dripping with coloured lights, telling tales of slums and gold diggers of old, and dropped them in Covent Garden for a meal in the bustling atmosphere of Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant.
A few hours later Gordon was waiting outside to take them to the theatre to see The Lion King, a musical close to their hearts. They loved the show, especially the costumes and the shadow puppets, but particularly the giraffes. After the performance they were accompanied backstage where they met Simba and Nala, who gave Shade many gifts and made her feel very welcome.
When she had had her fill of backstage magic, Gordon was waiting outside to drive her and her family home.
Shade was very happy and inspired when she went to sleep that night.  Then, in her dream, her fairy godmother appeared again.
“Because you made such a modest wish,” she said, “I shall grant you your second wish too – a £100 gift voucher for Firetoys.”
[For those who don’t know, Firetoys is a Shade-is-in-Paradise circus paraphernalia shop.]

The end
I hope you had a nice Christmas yesterday.
I just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful tour from Gordon. Our whole family really enjoyed it, despite the weather. Gordon was a pleasure to spend the day with and we really were impressed with his knowledge of the topic.
Linda A. Williams
Dear Carol
I just wanted to say what a fantastic morning we had on Saturday.

The bikes were great, our guide was a font of all knowledge and made the ride fun and interesting.

Thank you very much!

Pam Edwards
Patsy and Bob Smith
Hi Carol

just want to take the time to say what wonderful day my husband and I had doing the London Taxi tour Blenheim Palace + Chartwell House Tour. Our driver Gordon was wonderful and kept us entertained the whole time of the tour. He was even able to take us to visit Winston Churchill's grave at St Martin's church. I was just so impressed with the tour & our excellent driver that I am going to recommend taking a taxi tour to all of my friends. I am already looking forward to doing another taxi tour when we are next in the UK.

Kindest Regards
Lisa Lefroy & Gregory Mason
Blenheim Palace + Chartwell House Tour.
Nicolle Mahady Family
 Harry Potter Tour
Yael et Laurence
 Harry Potter Tour
Hello , this a picture for our sympathic driver !!
Thank for all
Yael et Laurence

Inside the Australian Embassy.

Dear Carol
 thank you very much for the wonderful visit to Oxford and London: the trip was very pleasant and we enjoyed it very much.
Gordon was a guide very kind, helpful and has been a valuable and rich source of info, tips and curiosity and not only about Harry Potter.
Sara Bonomi
 Harry Potter Tour
Electric Bike Tour 2011
The Senatore and Armstrong Families (Canberra, Australia)

Hi Carol,

This is simply the best way to get into the heart of London. The electric bikes are so easy to handle and make the tour all the more fun and enjoyable.

Not only will your memory of the Harry Potter films be tested but you will amazed at just how the film makers get things done in a city as busy as London. If you're not a Harry Potter fan (I guarantee you will watch the movies after this tour) Gordon, the tour guide, will give you loads information about the city of London and some interesting historical bits and pieces. You will learn things about London and its history.

Which movie? What's missing? Gordon would say!

Be careful with Gordon, he is serious some of the time and likes a trick or two, like our friend Harry, at your expense - good fun. Gordon knows heaps of stuff, so ask away (we had the best lunch in London on his recommendation for under 10 pounds).

Well worth the time, effort and pounds!

It was great fun! definitely recommend this tour for young and old!

The Senatore and Armstrong Families (Canberra, Australia)

Hi Carol -- we're the couple that were with Janet & Make Gaab.

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful pick ups, deliveries and sight seeing you took us on. It made our trip very very special. Thanks also for the wonderful England bag of goodies. That was so totally unexpected, delightful and much appreciated.

You have a terrific wit and Charlie and I so appreciated it! If you're ever around our area (Northern California) gives a call. Would love to repay your kindness!

Nadine & Charlie Gaetani

Testimonial Photo 
Hey Carol,
 How have you been? My tour was amazing. Time of my life! I think this Harry Potter Tour was definitely the best day. :D
 I'm hoping to move to England next year, so i can see more of the sights.!
 I picked the best photo that i loved, just because it looks so much like the Great Hall which is so amazing. :)
 I've watched all the Harry Potter movies and i get so excited every time i see one of the sights that i've been too. :)
 Thank you SO much for making this tour a once in a lifetime trip, I have so many memories and will never forget standing in the exact same place as Daniel Radcliffe.! :D
 Ashley Ryan
Thank you so much, Carol, for being there for us (coming and going)...Your professionalism and friendly, courteous manner was outstanding and we will always remember you and your humor...Thank you very much for the "goodies" in the Union Jack bag...What a surprise when we opened it here in the hotel...You are truly a thoughtful person...We hope some day to come back to London and see you again...And, if you're ever out in the San Francisco bay area do look us up ...Thanks again for making our trip to the UK special.

"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away."

Jan & Mike Gaab

Thanks again for giving us another day full of special HP memories! We are so happy we did a second tour with Gordon this year. It was great seeing Gloucester Cathedral for the Chamber of Secrets scenes this time.
We also enjoyed going back to Oxford and Lacock which were our favourite places last time.
We had another great meal at The George Inn. Being able to have an amazing tour guide and photographer wrapped in one is a true treat! One day we will return to England and definitely take another tour with you again!
 Thanks, Jaimie and Jennifer
2nd Harry Potter Tour

"Hace como un año estaba tratando de ver como iba a realizar mis traslados de Londres a el Puerto de Harwich y viceversa y en esa búsqueda encontre una empresa que promocionaba un tour que te llevaba alrededor de Londres visitando a las locaciones de las filmaciones que se habian realizado para las películas de Harry Potter y James Bond. Entonces decidí contratarlo y aprovechar esta experiencia durante nuestra estancia en Londres. A partir de ahí no solo contrate el tour sino que también contrate los servicios para nuestros traslados a el Puerto de Harwich y el Aeropuerto de Heathrow.


Solo quiero comentarles que la experiencia personal y la de mi familia con la empresa London Taxi Tour fue extraordinaria, siempre a tiempo, siempre amable y muy divertida, nuestro tour fue maravilloso pues no solo estuvimos en los lugares de filmación sino que nuestro conductor Gordon nos compartió anecdotas y nos dío tips a lo largo de todo el recorrido, y respondio a todas nuestras preguntas, la verdad es que pasamos un día de maravilla. Por lo que queremos compartirles algunas fotos de nuestro tour."

"About a year ago I was trying to see how I would do my transfers from London to Harwich and back, in that search I found a company that promoted a tour that took you around London visiting the places used as filming locations for Harry Potter and James Bond movies. So I decided to hire it and take this experience during our stay in London. From there not only recruit the tour also hire the services for our transportation to Port of Harwich and Heathrow Airport.
I just want to tell you that my personal and my family experience with London Taxi Tour company was extraordinary, always on time, always friendly and fun, our tour was wonderful because we not only were at the films locations, also because our driver Gordon shared with us anecdotes and gave us tips along the entire route, also he answered all our questions, the truth is we spent a wonderful day.
So we want to share some pictures of our tour."
Andres Alvarado + Family
Hi Carol, 
We had a fabulous time. Gordon was great and we ended the day tired and very happy. My daughter even named her London Bear "Gordon". We've had fun watching the movies again and looking at where we were standing relative to the scenes. And of course we had a family outing to see the last movie after we returned.
John May
Hello Carol,

Just wanted to say that the tour was amazing and our tour guide did a fantastic job showing us around all the sites and attractions!
Please find attached a photo that our tour guide took of us.
Caption: "Jess, Seni and Fran from Australia outside the Leaky Caldron, London"

Thankyou again.
- Fran
Dear Carol,

Many many thanks for the pics.
I like them all, even those that are not so clear!
There is someone who will always remember you with affection!

I shall never thank you enough. You have made our so special and unforgettable.

Warmest regards,

Caterina, Silvia and Bruno

We had a wonderful time on the tour;

Our guide Gordon was so much fun, really made the day.


Thompson family, from Austin

Dear Carol,

Here is a picture from our Harry Potter tour. It was a great time!

Thank you.

Courtney Feingold